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Alice Bailey

Born: Wednesday, 16 June 1880
Died: Thursday, 15 December 1949

Alice Ann Bailey was a writer, Theosophist, and Freemason who utilized the pen to share occult knowledge and promote goodwill for all Mankind's development.

Alice Ann Bailey was a Theosophist amd medium who wrote 27 books on esoteric and theosophical subjects. She is widely considered to be one of the most prominent theosophical writers in the 20th century. She took many of the themes of the Secret Doctrine by Blavatsky and added and deepened them, adding a new angle and interpretation to many ideas held by the Theosophists.

She was born in 1880 in Manchester England, and spent her youth and adolescence deeply enmeshed in upper class British culture. She would end up moving to the United States in 1907 to marry an Episcopalian minister. It was there she began to write, under the inspiration of an entity she called The Tibetan, a Master of the Wisdom. She joined Co-Masonry around this time as well, becoming a member of Verulam Lodge #525 in New York, one of the lodges of the American Federation of Human Rights at the time.

Her interest in Masonry deepend her occult studies, and references to the Craft and the esoteric meaning and significance of it’s rituals and ceremonies lace her works. She would eventually break away and found her own Masonic order in 1930, furthering her own Masonic interpretations. She founded several organizations based on promoting goodwill among men and a Great World Religion that would unite all faiths.

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