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The teachings of Freemasonry are clothed in the symbols of the building craft. Its mysteries are universal and are shared by many other traditions. These traditions have given form to this wisdom under many guises but in Freemasonry these truths of Nature are expressed in the terms of construction and architecture. The time of the Operative Masons is over yet the desire to raise structures and monuments to the Divine expression in Nature has persisted into the era of the Speculative Masons. In Universal Co-Masonry this desire is encouraged to manifest in the form of written Pieces of Architecture. These Pieces of Architecture, articles and essays that expound on the symbolism and meaning of Freemasonry, contribute to the building of the edifice that Universal Co-Masonry is attempting to raise.

This building cannot be touched with the hands but is instead approached with an open mind and a yearning heart. Within this temple exist the thoughts, feelings and ideas of many generations of Universal Co-Masons. These Co-Workers, some still laboring upon the plan of work while others have passed to the Eternal Grand Lodge, have left their mark not only upon our Order but also on the world. The thoughts they have shared serve to inspire and excite the minds of those who will come after them and their insight will be added to the collective knowledge of Universal Co-Masonry. We believe this insight too valuable to be forgotten and hope that it assists you in your quest to understand Freemasonry.

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