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Those who are interested in applying for membership should review the following policies of Universal Co-Masonry:

Diversity Statement

Freemasonry, in general, is exclusive. Applicants must submit an application to a lodge, which is then reviewed and balloted upon. Historically, Grand Lodges have limited membership based on characteristics such as race and gender. Universal Co-Masonry, although exclusive, will not reject individuals because of race, gender, sexual orientation or preference, language, national origin, religion, or socio-economic status. A person may be denied admission due to ulterior motives, lack of moral character or a belief in a supreme power, or other qualities unfit of a Freemason.

Masonic Address

Universal Co-Masonry is committed to cultivating an environment of spiritual unity and inclusivity. To this end, the Masonic Temple has been opened to people of every race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and creed. In order to promote unity in such diversity, The Supreme Council continues to mandate the use of “Brother” and “he” as the proper terms to address one another within the context of all Masonic activities. The use of one noun and one pronoun is in alignment with the Masonic Doctrine of Solidarity and is intended to remove all distinction. In the Profane world, Universal Co-Masonry understands, respects, and supports the freedom of each Brother to self-identify as he sees fit.

Legal Name

Members are required to provide their legal names on their Applications for Initiation. It is the policy of Universal Co-Masonry that the legal name of its members be used in Initiations, Passings, and Raisings, or any advancement to a higher degree, on Masonic documents (i.e., reports, summonses, registers, etc.), and at other related Masonic events

After Initiation, a Brother may process official name changes or corrections with the General Office. A change of name requires an official document or court order verifying the correct information at the time the request is made. One of the following documents may be submitted to the General Office for verification of the name change:
• Valid passport;
• Marriage certificate;
• Valid driver's license;
• Social security card; or
• Federal or state-issued identification card.

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