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Welcome to Masonic Lectures, Publications and Podcasts in Compressed Audio Forma. The Order desires to provide approved material in a variety of formats to benefit members of the Order worldwide and those interested in joining. These audio files are an initial effort to provide content to a growing population of compressed audio users. The Order plans to add additional material as it becomes available and as time and resources allow.

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The following podcasts provide illumination as to why freemasonry exists and its mission in the world. Check out these inspirational, motivating, and moving stories, legends, and myths.

  • Episode 14: Freemasonry and Slavery:

    Freemasonry is inherently opposed to slavery but what slavery remains for us to fight against today?

  • Episode 13: Theosophy and Freemasonry:

    Did the Theosophical movement of the early 20th century influence modern Freemasonry?

  • Episode 12: Women and Freemasonry:

    Does the Great Work require both genders?

  • Episode 11: Freemasonry and the Environment:

    What duties does a Mason owe to the planet?

  • Episode 10: Frank Herbert, Dune and Freemasonry:

    What can the epic sci-fi series of Dune teach us about Freemasonry?

  • Episode 9: Albert Pike and the 1st Degree:

    What are the moral duties of a newly initiated Freemason?

  • Episode 8: Freemasonry and the Tower of Babel:

    Is Freemasonry rebuilding the Tower of Babel?

  • Episode 7: Freemasonry and the Foundation Series:

    Is Freemasonry a Foundation for Civilization's Preservation?

  • Episode 6: Freemasonry and Pythagoras:

    History and Philosophy - Investigate the life, school and teachings of Pythagoras: an enigmatic scholar whose work continues to influence Freemasonry today.

  • Episode 5: Freemasonry in Early America:

    The Masonic History of Early America - Learn about Freemasonry's role in shaping our Nation's History, including the exploration of the continent and beginnings of our Government.

  • Episode 4: The Masonic Myth of Jeptha:

    A Prince, Ruler, and Judge of Israel - Experience the Epic re-telling of the Masonic Legend surrounding Jeptha in Ancient Israel.

  • Episode 3: Benefactor-of-Humanity:

    Louis Goaziou, Co-Mason, and Benefactor of Humanity - An American Masonic Hero - Investigate the beginnings of Universal Co-Masonry through the history of one of the Order's founding members.

  • Episode 2: The Masonic Heroes of the Holocaust:

    History and Remembrance - Learn about the persecution of Masons during the Holocaust in this moving tribute to those who lived and died for the cause of Freemasonry.

  • Episode 1: Introduction to Masonic Myth and Legend:

    The Revolutionary War and Brother George Washington - Explore the importance of myth and legend in the context of Brother George Washington's role as Commander in Chief.

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