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Legends of the Craft

Legends of the Craft explores Science, Religion and Philosophy in search of the hidden wisdom of Nature. From historical tales of heroism and courage to great works of literature, no legend will go unexamined by Brothers Matias Cumsille and Aksel Suvari in their quest for Masonic inspiration. For too long the philosophy of the Craft has grown stagnant and stale. By resurrecting the ancient legends of our past and studying the masterpieces of the modern age we can determine the future course of Masonry as it endeavors to accomplish the Great Work!

The following podcasts provide illumination as to why freemasonry exists and its mission in the world. Check out these inspirational, motivating, and moving stories, legends, and myths.

  • Episode 39: Perennialism and Freemasonry

    Legends of the Craft returns to explore perennialism, the philosophical concept that all religions point backwards to a single origin at a time before the catastrophe that destroyed the Golden Age. Is today's Freemasonry the remnant of this ancient and mysterious faith?

  • Episode 38: Freemasonry and Dreams

    Freemasonry is an ancient occult science that trains its practitioner in the exploration of inner worlds. Dreams are the primary method by which we encounter worlds beyond the material in which new realities can be explored beyond the limitations of the material plane. But how does one cross the threshold and become a practicing dreamer?

  • Episode 37: The Root Races and Freemasonry

    One of the central tenets of the Theosophical system of understanding is the idea of the Root Races. These Root Races describe the stages of human evolution and spiritual progress over the course of millions of years and without this knowledge the truth about humanity's origins, present state and future destiny would remain a mystery. How does this knowledge fit into the world scheme of Freemasonry and what does it teach us about the fulfillment of the Great Work?

  • Episode 36: Freemasonry and the Legend of Time

    Freemasonry is said to have its origins in "time immemorial" but what is this immaterial substance "time"? Why does its contemplation lead to the establishment of the Mysteries? Join Brothers Matias and Aksel as they attempt to answer these questions and many more in a far-ranging discussion on how humanity's understanding of time itself has been shaped throughout the centuries by occult and esoteric teachings.

  • Episode 35: The Descent of Inanna

    It is often said that Freemasonry's origins belong to "time immemorial" and that our Craft stretches back to the institution of the Ancient Mysteries. But where exactly do these threads lead us? In this episode of Legends of the Craft join Brothers Matias and Aksel as they journey backwards to the very beginning of civilization - Sumeria - and the mythic tale of the goddess Inanna. Could the mysteries of Inanna be the origin of Masonic ritual?

  • Episode 34: Charles W. Leadbeater and Freemasonry

    Charles W. Leadbeater was a Freemason and a towering figure of the occult world in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Reviled by some, adored by many others, he was certainly a controversial figure in his own lifetime. But his contributions to occult knowledge, Co-Masonry, the Theosophical Society and the Liberal Catholic Church not only vivified those institutions but inspired thousands around the world. Does this man deserve the scorn he so often receives?

  • Episode 33: Anderson's Constitutions

    Anderson's Constitutions, penned in 1723, form the foundation of modern Freemasonry. Much has been written about the historical veracity of this document, its origins, authenticity and its worth to the Craft. But very little has been said about what this document is exhorting Freemasons to do. Anderson's Constitutions give us the outline of an ancient honor code, a code which a Freemason is bound to live by and uphold. What does this code entail and how should the Freemason enact the strictures of Anderson's Constitutions in his daily life?

  • Episode 32: Postmodernism and Freemasonry

    Postmodernism, and its offspring Critical Theory, is a 20th Century philosophy that emerged in Europe following the World Wars. Critical of modernity and of narrative in all its forms, Postmodernism is a deconstructive philosophy that seeks to break down all grand structures and lay bare the systems of power that create and maintain them. How can the Freemason interpret Postmodernism and what does this philosophy, if anything, have in common with the sublime doctrines of Masonry?

  • Episode 31: Utopia and the Ideals of Freemasonry

    Thomas More's Utopia is a classic of philosophical literature that reimagined society on a grand scale. Since its publication, philosophers have been debating the possibility and necessity of utopias for nearly 500 years. What was the island of Utopia and can we see the fingerprints of Freemasonry within its social fabric?

  • Episode 30: Freemasonry and the Kybalion

    Authored by the mysterious Three Initiates, the Kybalion is a small piece of Hermetic wisdom that is perhaps one of the most influential works in modern esotericism. Where did it come from, what does it have to say, and how do its teachings relate to Freemasonry?

  • Episode 29: Can an Atheist Become a Freemason?

    One of the ancient requirements for admittance into the ranks of Freemasonry is that the candidate for initiation profess a belief in a Supreme Power. Atheists have long taken offense to this idea, insisting that belief in the material world alone is sufficient to unlock the secrets of Nature and Science. Can an Atheist become a Freemason?

  • Episode 28: The Four Cardinal Virtues and Freemasonry

    The Four Cardinal Virtues are often thought of as Christian theology but they pre-date the religion but several centuries and form the moral foundation of Freemasonry. Are these virtues still necessary in forming the modern moral compass?

  • Episode 27: Freemasonry and The Hero's Journey

    Freemasonry, through its ritual of Initiation and progressive Degrees, is a system that elevates the Human into the Hero. It does this by conducting the Neophyte through the various archetypes of their consciousness through symbol and story. The Hero''s Journey, popularized by Joseph Campbell''s Hero with a Thousand Faces is a psychological system that describes cycles of all world mythology and storytelling and addresses the processes by which individuals grow and evolve. Does The Hero''s Journey mirror the techniques and traditions of Freemasonry in explaining human evolution?

  • Episode 26: Is Freemasonry a Cult?

    From the time of its inception, the secrecy of Freemasonry and its rituals have led some to speculate as to whether or not the fraternity is in fact merely a cover for a sinister cult that misleads its members and subverts society. Is there any truth to such rumors?

  • Episode 25: Freemasonry and Anarchy

    "Anarchy" is a word that has become associated with chaos and destruction in our modern age. But what does the word truly mean and what are the implications of a world "without rulers"? Does Freemasonry embrace the philosophy of Anarchism?

  • Episode 24: Freemasonry and Stoicism

    The Stoic philosophers of Ancient Greece and Rome influenced the course of history with their creed of Duty, Virtue, and Morality. Does Freemasonry follow in the footsteps of the Stoics of antiquity?

  • Episode 23: The Druze Mystery Religion and Freemasonry

    The Druze are a secretive sect of mystics living in the mountains of Lebanon who have guarded a secret religion for centuries. Is there a connection between their secret faith and the rituals of Freemasonry?

  • Episode 22: Cagliostro and Egyptian Freemasonry

    Cagliostro was a Freemason, explorer and occultist and is either regarded as the world's greatest magician or history's most notorious charlatan. Was his Egyptian Rite of Freemasonry an attempt to make money or restore the esoteric nature of the Craft?

  • Episode 21: Mormonism and Freemasonry

    Joseph Smith was a prophet, a mystic and a Freemason who founded the Mormon Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), one of the most successful in the world. How did Freemasonry influence and shape this American religion?

  • Episode 20: The Seven-Fold Nature of Man, Freemasonry, and the Officers of a Masonic Lodge

    What are the Seven Bodies of Man and how are they represented in a Masonic Lodge?

  • Episode 19: Freemasonry and the Right and Left Hand Path

    What does the Right and Left Hand path of Magic have to do with Freemasonry? On this episode Brothers Matias and Aksel discuss the difference between the Left and the Right Hand Path of Magic and show how Freemasonry aligns itself on the magical plane to use ceremony and ritual to accomplish its esoteric goal.

  • Episode 18: Freemasonry and Cosplay

    On this episode we are joined by Bro. Cat Smith for a fascinating discussion on cosplay and its relationship to Freemasonry. Do costumes allow us to investigate our own psyche in the same way that Masonic ritual and symbols expand our consciousness?

  • Episode 17: Freemasonry and the Military

    Many Freemasons have been in the military and various militaries throughout history have used fraternal societies to strengthen their ranks. What practices, symbolism and systems of discipline are shared by these two institutions?

  • Episode 16: Freemasonry and Freedom

    Brothers Dennis, Matias and Aksel discuss the human search for freedom, both political and spiritual, and the methods by which Freemasonry can aid this eternal search.

  • Episode 15: Freemasonry and Spirituality

    Is the core of Freemasonry a self-improvement system or does it cultivate spiritual servants devoted to the glory of God and the perfection of Humanity?

  • Episode 14: Freemasonry and Slavery

    Freemasonry is inherently opposed to human slavery in all its forms but what great causes of liberty remain for the modern Freemason to fight for today?

  • Episode 13: Theosophy and Freemasonry

    The Theosophical Society played an important role in blending Eastern and Western thought. Did the Theosophical movement of the 20th Century influence Freemaosnry?

  • Episode 12: Women and Freemasonry

    In ancient times women were an integral part of the mystic traditions of humanity but are now conspicuosly missing from Freemasonry. Are both genders necessary for the Great Work?

  • Episode 11: Freemasonry and the Environment

    It is widely perceived that our planet's ecosystem is in peril from the avarice of human beings. What work can a Freemason do to alleviate this situation?

  • Episode 10: Frank Herbert, Dune and Freemasonry

    Science fiction literature has been responsible for influencing the future for generations. What can the epic Dune series teach us about Freemasonry's Future?

  • Episode 9: Albert Pike and the 1st Degree

    Freemasonry is a system of moral instruction for both individuals and society as a whole. What are the duties of a newly initiated Freemason?

  • Episode 8: Freemasonry and the Tower of Babel

    The Tower of Babel is a multifaceted symbol. Could it be an allegorical representation of the Great Work of the Mysteries that Freemasonry carries on?

  • Episode 7: Freemasonry and the Foundation Series

    In the event of a great catastrophe, natural or man-made, could the wisdom contained with Masonic ritual and philosophy rebuild human civilization?

  • Episode 6: Freemasonry and Pythagoras

    History and Philosophy - Investigate the life, school and teachings of Pythagoras: an enigmatic scholar whose work continues to influence Freemasonry today.

  • Episode 5: Freemasonry in Early America

    The Masonic History of Early America - Learn about Freemasonry's role in shaping our Nation's History, including the exploration of the continent and beginnings of our Government.

  • Episode 4: The Masonic Myth of Jeptha

    A Prince, Ruler, and Judge of Israel - Experience the Epic re-telling of the Masonic Legend surrounding Jeptha in Ancient Israel.

  • Episode 3: Benefactor of Humanity

    Louis Goaziou, Co-Mason, and Benefactor of Humanity - An American Masonic Hero - Investigate the beginnings of Universal Co-Masonry through the history of one of the Order's founding members.

  • Episode 2: The Masonic Heroes of the Holocaust

    History and Remembrance - Learn about the persecution of Masons during the Holocaust in this moving tribute to those who lived and died for the cause of Freemasonry.

  • Episode 1: Introduction to Masonic Myth and Legend

    The Revolutionary War and Brother George Washington - Explore the importance of myth and legend in the context of Brother George Washington's role as Commander in Chief.

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Legends of the Craft

Legends of the Craft was started in 2009 to explore the rich history and symbolism of Freemasonry and relate it to the modern world. Too often we are left to rely on the works of Masons long gone from this world but Freemasonry is a living institution and cannot remain relevant without engaging with the world around us. Legends of the Craft focuses mainly on the legends of Masonic figures throughout history and how their life and times can provide context, inspiration and guidance while we navigate our own lives. Through them we can look into the past and future through Masonic lenses and bring Masonry more directly into our lives.

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