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To Serve is the Highest Ideal


Advancing the Evolution of Humanity

Unless we set for ourselves the grandest and loftiest ideals imaginable, the genius of humanity will never reach its full potential. As human beings we are engaged in a never-ending quest to achieve the unachievable, know the unknowable and explore the far reaches of existence. It is this quest that has pushed us to climb the highest mountains, dive to the bottom of the oceans, reach beyond the limits of our atmosphere and create technological wonders that push the boundaries of possibility. If ever we become content and satisfied with the mediocre, the average or the temptations of the status quo, the ingenuity of the human race will vanish.

Universal Co-Masonry recognizes this quality in human beings and has declared as its mission the quickening of human evolution. Evolution, with its slow yet steady march across millions of years, has produced extraordinary wonders and a natural world so perfect in its completeness that it is beyond comprehension. It is, however, the unique duty of those with eyes to see and ears to hear to assist in unfolding the Divine Plan that Nature has revealed to us. Within the intricate symbolism of Freemasonry there can be found a blueprint for the expansion and transformation of humanity into the free, creative beings we have always been meant to be.

It is through Masonic ritual that the potential of the human mind to contemplate, imagine and create is developed and refined. Freemasonry is not merely a system of self-improvement or self-help designed to make good people better. Self-improvement is a side effect of the true purpose of Freemasonry: service to humanity. In this service there is no rest, only the reward of a job well done and the promise of more work.

The specific service to humanity that Universal Co-Masonry has decided to undertake is to combat Ignorance in all its forms. Ignorance, along with Ambition and Fanaticism, is the greatest of the three tyrants that have oppressed humanity from time immemorial. Universal Co-Masonry envisions a day when all human beings live harmoniously in liberty and prosperity, freed from the chains of physical, mental and spiritual poverty.

All human beings, regardless of age, sex, race or religion, are necessary to the fulfillment of this mission. Freemasonry has no room for the petty and the arbitrary divisions that have held back humanity for centuries. All Universal Co-Masonry requires of its potential Co-Workers is a deep belief in a Supreme power and the sincere wish to do good, speak truth and live as an example to humanity so that we may one day be free from the bondage we have imposed upon ourselves.

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