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Per Veritatem Vis - Strength Through Truth

In Freemasonry, an inquisitive mind is a necessary prerequisite to becoming a member. Therefore, the pursuit of education is of the utmost importance. This is not necessarily a formal education but lifelong learning for the purpose of serving Humanity better.

Each Mason is expected to be well versed in the Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences and to be able to discuss a myriad of subjects with toleration and open-mindedness. In Universal Co-Masonry, education is centered in Philosophy, Esotericism, and Science, and each may be explained as thus:

Philosophical Education

Students of Philosophy are engaged in asking, answering, evaluating, and reasoning about the nature of reality. Such study develops the intellectual abilities important for life, beyond the knowledge and skills required for any profession. It enhances the analytical, critical, and interpretive capacities of its students. In Universal Co-Masonry, philosophy is discussed and debated in order to sharpen the mind of every Mason.

Esoteric Education

Esoteric education, or inner education, begins with the most fundamental questions in life: Who am I? Where did I come from? What is my destiny? It is to know oneself, within and without, by the constant study of the hidden nature of reality. It is not rooted in faith or reason but is a byproduct of spiritual experience. Universal Co-Masonry, through the use of ritual, assists the Mason in discovering the answers to life's questions.

Scientific Education

The study of Science is an education in the facts and methods of the Universe. Science is a systematic endeavor that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about natural phenomena. Universal Co-Masonry instructs Masons to be knowledgeable in the processes and conclusions of scientific research and methodology that they may engage in factual discussions and decisions, facilitating further and deeper study.

To further the Masonic committment to education and the perfection of Humanity, Universal Co-Masonry has compiled several invaluable esoteric and philosophical educational resources that are free to use and open to the public

Masonic Galleries

Contained in the pages of many forgotten works of the Golden Age of Esotericism are numerous invaluable images, illustrations and works of art that are priceless to the Freemason who wishes to more deeply investigate the rich artistic heritage of his Craft and its Initiates. From paintings and woodcuts to illustrations, engravings and even tarot cards, Universal Co-Masonry's Masonic Galleries showcase the best creative works that have been produced or insured by the Craft over the centuries.

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The Masonic Online Library

The written word is recognized by Freemasonry as being one of the most powerful tools that Humanity possesses. From the distant reaches of antiquity it is the written word that has served as the primary cement by which civilization is built and it offers immortality to those who can master it in their lifetime. Countless works of incalcuable value have been produced by the Initiates of the various mystery traditions across millenia of human development. A handful of these priceless treasure are offered free to the public by Universal Co-Masonry through The Online Masonic Library, a public resource dedicated to reproducing the most influential and inspiring works of literature that pertain to the esoteric, the philosophical, and the mystic nature of Mankind.

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Famous Freemasons

Conspiracy theories, myths and legends abound as to who was and was not a Freemason throughout history and precisely what their contribution to the human story was. Often vilified and more often misunderstood many notable figures throughout history, both men and women, have been initiates of the Mystery traditions. Find out exactly what these inspired individuals have contributed to humanity in their lifetimes and what their legacy has added to the Masonic tradition.

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Masonic Articles

Explore articles and essays written by Freemasons about Freemasonry.

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Interested in becoming a member of the worlds oldest Fraternal organization?

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