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The theological framework of Freemasonry

Universal Co-Masonry is not a dogmatic institution. It does not impose a specific theological interpretation of scripture or mandate any doctrinal perspectives for its members. It does, however, require members to recognize foundational principles, known as landmarks, that have at all times throughout history been the mark of a Freemason and the bedrock of civilization.

According to the Masonic scholar Albert Mackey, "The first great duty, not only of every lodge, but of every Mason, is to see that the landmarks of the Order shall never be impaired." Thus, it is the responsibility of every Freemason to protect the Landmarks agsinst encroachment from within and without. And while Landmarks slightly vary between different Masonic Obediences, they are in general, the core principles upon which Freemasonry rests.

The following are those precepts considered fundamental to the structure and mission of Universal Co-Masonry.

1. The belief in a supreme and absolute creative intelligence.

2. The immortality of the soul.

3. The existence of a Divine Plan guided by the spiritual and scientific forces of evolution.

4. The development of a universal Brotherhood without distinction.

5. The presence of an Ancient Wisdom that has endured since time immemorial.

6. The fundamental unity of all religion.

7. The organization of Freemasonry as a Spiritual Hierarchy.

8. The power of legend, symbol, and ritual to transform and perfect.

9. The freedom of thought, speech, and action when used in the pursuit of wisdom.

10. The last and crowning Landmark of all is this — that these Landmarks can never be changed. Nothing can be subtracted from them — nothing can be added to them — not the slightest modification can be made in them. As they were received from the founders, the Freemason is bound by the most solemn obligations of duty to transmit them to their successors.

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