Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Freemasonry, through its symbols and rituals, is designed to quicken the evolution of human beings both individually and as a society. For the individual, this evolution consists of refining the innate talents and faculties that are unique to every human being. When these talents are properly cultivated these human beings are elevated, not on the basis of heredity and nepotism but rather on the immutable standards of merit and ability. These standards are not limited only to Freemasonry.

Throughout history many Freemasons have risen through the ranks of their times to achieve fame, fortune and remembrance. Freemasonry does not offer a path to earthly rewards, but it does offer each initiate the opportunity to fully realize their dormant potential. In doing so, the Freemason may earn the right to be kept in memory by his fellow human beings which is the true secret of immortality. In Freemasonry, we study the examples of those who came before us that we may duplicate their successes and avoid repeating their failures. Each of the Brothers listed below achieved some measure of greatness in their lifetimes and have left behind a legacy worthy of remembrance.

Many organizations and traditions emphasize the development of character and a purity of morality. For that reason, we have also included notable occultists who have belonged to traditions tangential or parallel to Masonic philosophy. The evidence for their association or initiation into such organizations will be presented to the best of our ability but we leave it in the hands of our readers to decide for themselves as to the veracity of these historical claims.

"If I have seen further than
others, it is by standing
upon the shoulders of giants."


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