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Per Veritatem Vis - Strength Through Truth

The Masonic College of Art and Science (MCAS) is a private liberal arts college who offers educational courses based on the synthesis of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science for those in search of higher understanding beyond that found in traditional universities and dogmatic institutions. The curricula has been designed to encourage individuals to use every tool at their disposal in the search for Truth. MCAS endorses the Emergentic approach to its studies and discourages Reductionism-approach used in overwhelming majority of higher educational institutions.

Why was MCAS Created?
MCAS was instituted to restore the ancient mystery school philosophy and to fulfill the educational void created by modern education. The college is founded on the purest principles of Nature, Science, Art, and Innovation and its curriculum is designed around their synthesis. The Seven Liberal Arts serves as the curriculum backbone to the four cornerstones as the vigorous study of the Seven Liberal Arts liberates the mind from dogma and directly harmonizes life into one Nature shared by all. The motto, "Wisdom is the Guardian of All Things" was adopted for the college as it directs Man to transform His knowledge into wisdom and reestablishes His responsibility in Nature as Its Guardian.

What Type of Student?
The non-traditional student and non-traditional thinker who is personally motivated in developing their intellectual, physical, and spiritual bodies together are individuals who MCAS seeks to serve. The college has chosen an online platform to better serve the global community and to open the exchange of ideas between students of different cultures, traditions, religions, philosophies, and ideologies. It is known that to people are a needed component of the Human equation and experience and as such online open discussions and interactions are at the core of each class. Students willing to engage respectfully with others will find their experience with MCAS more beneficial and rewarding. Individuals of all learning levels are recommended to be a part of the college as all has something to share and to learn.

What Programs are Offered?
The two undergraduate degrees offered via an online platform are a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science both being in the Seven Liberal Arts. Individuals wishing to pursue a Bachelor of Science has the option of selecting from one of the three concentrations: CosmoHenosis and Man, Esoteric Chemistry, and Music Transformation.

Individuals who wish to take courses but not enroll in an undergraduate program are recommended to apply for the Certification Program. Certificates of Completion are awarded after each course is successfully completed.

The Masonic College of Art and Science is non accredited, non degree institution.


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