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Per Veritatem Vis - Strength Through Truth

The Masonic College of Art and Science (MCAS) is a non-accredited, non-degree granting online educational organization that integrates Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science. Programs of study are designed to educate its students outside the traditional, reductionist curricula of modern universities and dogmatic institutions. The small student-to-teacher classrooms produce an intimate environment for effective, tolerant collaborative dialog and meaningful personal interactions. Each course is designed to encourage individuals to use every tool at their disposal in the search for Truth with the purpose of transforming one’s life, community, and, ultimately, humanity for the better.

Why was MCAS Created?
MCAS was instituted to restore the ancient mystery school philosophy. The purest principles of Tolerance, Inquisitiveness, Exploration, and Innovation form the foundation of our institution. The motto, "Wisdom is the Guardian of All Things" was adopted for the college as it directs Man to transform His knowledge into Wisdom and reestablishes His responsibility in Nature as Its Guardian.

What Programs are Offered?
There are four programs of study offered at MCAS. They are Behavioral, Modern Liberal Arts, Transformational, and Esoteric Science. These four programs form the cornerstones of this non-traditional education and have been designed to be relevant but challenging. Each program has three levels comprising seven courses each. The fourth level being a capstone project and the final course of the program of study. Certificates of completion are granted after each successfully completed course. Program Level Certificates are also awarded after each level accomplished as well as a Program of Study Certificate for when the program of study is completed.

Interested individuals do not have to enroll in a program of study if they choose not to. Courses are offered as a la carte classes; although, the College does recommend a certain sequence for some courses in order to maximize the experience.

What Type of Student?

Individuals who are tolerant, non-traditional thinking, persons who are in search of understanding himself and his place within the cosmos are the students whom MCAS seeks to serve. The College is open to the public, age 21 years and older. Future students do not have to belong to any Masonic or Fraternal organization to join.

What Educational Platform is Used?

The College has chosen an online platform to better serve the global community and to open the exchange of ideas between students of different cultures, traditions, religions, philosophies, and ideologies. The interaction of like minded but diverse people are essential to the journey of the seeker. The online platform allows for the courses to center their content and instruction to best meet this need.


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