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The Mission of the Masonic Institute of Fine Arts

The Masonic Institute of Fine Arts (M.I.F.A.) is an institution that seeks to promote an understanding of the creative arts - primarily poetry, music and visual art - within a masonic framework. In anticipation of a new era of consciousness, we strive to re-awaken a renaissance in the creative arts that will glorify cultural values and human awareness.

While mankind stands on the threshold of a unique time in history, M.I.F.A. recognizes that our modern world is at the same time often fraught with difficulty and danger. We embrace the idea that today's challenges can be diminished through the spark of inspiration and hope that only the creative arts can offer. It is therefore the purpose of M.I.F.A. to attract those individuals who are striving to work together to produce the Light of Beauty in the world and, in the process, to find their own creative spark of truth.

The Masonic Institute of Fine Arts is an institution dedicated to the beautification of Humanity through the expression of the Fine Arts. By fostering the innate creativity found in every human spirit, it seeks to express the Light of Beauty to uplift the spiritual life of mankind. We welcome, encourage and nurture all individuals by offering a dynamic and life changing community for discovering and expressing the Divine Artist within. ​ The great artist and visionary, Nicholas Roerich said it well: “Art will unify all humanity. Art is one – indivisible. Art has its many branches, yet all are one. Art is the manifestation of the coming synthesis. Art is for all.”

The Masonic Institute of Fine Arts is essentially a group cultural project, formed out of a compelling belief that Humanity needs more artists who are trained in the deeper aspects of the creative work. As a result, our focus is to reach out to and support those engaged in moving beyond the mundane view of art to engaging in a more Divine perspective.

Website: http://www.mifa.org

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