The true origin of Freemasonry is unknown, lost in time. There are a good number of historians with diverse opinions, each vehemently supporting his or her own belief. We are making history every day, but its effects will mostly be evident years from now. "The truth" will be colored by each perceiver. So, we can talk of some events in our history, but we never really know the underlying current that for years worked to precipitate the moment. We have to trust that there is a Plan of Evolution, and a Tracing Board, for Humanity, and that we are but a speck within the current of life - evolving and cooperating with the big scheme.

In Albert G. Mackey's 33o, Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, he states: " The origin and source whence first sprang the institution of Freemasonry, such as we now have it, has given rise to more difference of opinion and discussions among Masonic scholars than any other topic in the literature of the institution." Though Universal Co-Masonry does not endorse the conclusions of Albert Mackey, his writings are considered scholarly and detailed. The following are his views on the various origins of Freemasonry:

King Solomon's Temple

Explore the Temple Legend which traces the Origin of Freemasonry to the Building of that Edifice.

The Essenes

Analyze the chronological sequence connecting the Freemasons to the Jewish Sect of the Essenes.

Ancient Mysteries

Investigate the link between the Rituals, Legends, and Practices of the Mysteries and Modern Freemasonry.


Trace the threads connecting Freemasonry to Pythagoras and his School in Crotona, Italy.


Examine the hypotheses tying Freemasonry to the Gnostic Christian Tradition.


Explore proofs that the Science of Masonry was known to the Early Britons, known as Druids.

Knights Templar

Investigate the histories linking the Knights Templars and Freemasonry in Scotland.


Review the theories drawing together Freemasonry and the Rosicrucian philosophy and sect.

Operative Masons

Explore the evidence detailing the relationship between the Operative Masons of the Middle Ages and Freemasons.

Oliver Cromwell

Analyze the connection between Freemasonry and the Dynasty of the Stuarts.

The Royal Society

Test the hypothesis that Freemasonry was created in 17th century by an organization called the Royal Society.

The Astrologers

Trace the origin of Freemasonry to a society of Philosophers organized in 1646.

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