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The purpose of the Masonic Online Library is to preserve the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of Freemasonry so that it can be of use to those who may find it useful or even necessary in the future. Within Freemasonry exist the keys to the construction of civilization and the liberal arts. Over the many centuries that the Craft has existed, numerous Masonic and esoteric thinkers have made incredible contributions to the studies of symbolism, Masonic philosophy and mysticism. It is our intention to preserve these great works in an easily referenced, online format so that their collected knowledge will never be lost to those who seek for it.

These materials are not the creations of Universal Co-Masonry but rather represent some of the most extensive additions to the body of Masonic knowledge. Scholars such as Albert Pike and Dr. Mackey can be found side by side with philosophers and mystics like Manly P. Hall and Helena Blavatsky. It is our hope that these books assist in your quest for Truth and serve to demonstrate the immense knowledge contained in Freemasonry.

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