Grand Constitution

Founding Documents of the Craft


United Without Distinction of Race, Religion, or Creed

The Grand Constitution is the ultimate authority in the governance of Universal Co-Masonry, (hereto mentioned as “the Order.”) Through this fundamental document, members of the Order receive the principles and direction necessary to function in unity and harmony. Adherence to this and the General Rules and Regulations is essential to the optimal functioning of Masonry, as all members, from the Neophyte to the Grand Inspectors General, obey and respect it.

It is from the authority vested in the Grand Constitution that all Lodges and other Masonic bodies in the Federation act. This sublime manifest teaches the brothers the duties owed to the Craft and to their fellow brethren, including:

  1. To live honorably, practice justice, and love their neighbors.
  2. To work unceasingly for the true happiness of Humanity.
  3. To think high, speak truth, and do well.

Ordained and established to promote the evolution and progress of the human race, the Grand Constitution of Universal Co-masonry also grants rights to the members of the Order. All members are entitled to:

  1. The liberty of thought and conscience.
  2. The pursuit of Happiness.
  3. Equal rights without distinction of sex, religion, or creed.
  4. The blessings derived from the virtues of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth.
  5. Support from the members of the Order in the circumstances and conditions of life.
  6. The attainment of the highest degree of moral, intellectual, and spiritual development.
  7. Unlimited freedom in the search for Truth.

In addition, the Grand Constitution grants members the ability to debate social, philosophical, political, and religious questions in Masonic, as well as, profane settings, in order to pursue intellectual enlightenment, greater understanding of themselves, and fulfillment of their freemasonic duties to Humanity and God.

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