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Edith Armour

Born: Monday, 20 February 1882
Died: Sunday, 17 July 1977

Edith F. Armour was a humanitarian and Freemason who served as Grand Commander of American Co-Masonry from 1937 to 1959.

As the first female leader of American Co-Masonry, Brother Edith F. Armour possessed the clear vision and wisdom to deftly direct the course of the Order through the darkness of war into the light of peace. As Grand Commander, Brother Armour served in this capacity for more than twenty years (1937-1959). 

A petite woman whose full height was less than five feet, she balanced her small size with an iron will fortified with great strength and determination. Relying on her well-developed internal compass, Edith was resolute once settled on the ideal course of action. 

Initiated into the Craft in 1909, Brother Armour dedicated herself to the work and studies of Freemasonry. She described the Masonic initiatic experience: "The neophyte entering a Masonic lodge has this wonderful opportunity to find the ancient path, but that 'door which gives upon the Infinite' will open only for the candidate whose deepest longing is for spiritual understanding." Brother Armour called for Masons around the world to look past the outer forms of Freemasonry and to seek the inner Truth veiled in allegory and symbolism. 

Brother Armour received the 30th degree on September 14, 1912 and attended the Order's National Convention in 1913 as the Master of St. Alban Lodge No. 372. In 1937, Brother Edith Armour was elected Grand Commander of the American Federation of Co-Masonry, following the death of the Order's first Grand Commander: Brother Louis Goaziou. Brother Armour's tireless and steadfast dedication to Freemasonry and the members of the Order, especially during the turbulent years of the Second World War, demonstrated a character worthy of emulation.

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