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Edward VII

Born: Tuesday, 09 November 1841
Died: Friday, 06 May 1910

Edward VII was a dedicated and active Freemason who served both as the King of England and the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England.

Brother Edward VII of England was born in 1841 - the eldest son of Queen Victoria. Because of his mother’s long life and reign, he did not come to the throne until he was 60. He did not, however, sit idly around prior to his reign. Captured by the mystique and idealism of Freemasonry, Edward was initiated in Sweden in 1868. He quickly took the ten degrees of the Swedish Rite, and when he returned to England, he did not slack in his masonic duties. He was a dedicated member of the Craft who participated in dozens of lodges and opened many more during his Masonic career. 

His interest in the fraternity and pursuit of Masonic goals resulted in the relaxation of the strict social rules of Victorian England. Taking to heart the Masonic virtue of Equality, Brother Edward interacted with his social ‘inferiors’ inside the Lodge like no king had before. He became known as “The Peacemaker” for his many visits throughout the Empire and for smoothing relatively hostile relations with France. Eventually rising to the rank of Grand Master of the United Grand lodge of England, his Masonic education prepared him to rule justly when he took the throne in 1901.

Brother Edward VII became known as the "Uncle of Europe" due to his relations to many European monarchs and for the use of his royal status for important diplomatic visits, unlike any previous King of England. He carried on his mother’s work of holding Europe at peace through cunning diplomacy and persona charisma. Though he died in 1910, he left a lasting mark on the Empire. The first decade of the 1900’s is called the Edwardian era in the United Kingdom in his honor.

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