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Isaac Newton

Born: Sunday, 04 January 1643
Died: Monday, 31 March 1727

Sir Isaac Newton was a scientist, inventor, and student of the Enlightenment whose dedication to the principles of Freemasonry changed the course of human history.

Sir Isaac Newton was a true scientist of the enlightenment. His contributions to the study of mathematics, psychics, and optics were and are world renowned. He is believed to be a Freemason who helped found the Lodge of England in 1717, but as the society was cloaked in secrecy in his day, definitive proof is lacking. This remarkable man’s life changed the course of human endeavors, beginning with his humble birth in 1643.

Brother Newton was educated at Trinity College in England, where he developed his keen interest in mathematics. It was there that he began to work out the principles of what would later become Calculus. His invention of Calculus revolutionized mathematics and has influenced the science for centuries. Throughout his education and quest for discovery, the Masonic principles of inquiry and free-thought influenced and guided him to pierce the veil of nature’s mysteries.

Newton discovered that color was a natural property of light through his experiments with prisms; he theorized gravity to explain why things fall - a groundbreaking theory for the time. Newton was also deeply involved in alchemical research. Not all of his conclusions and discoveries are known, however, as the papers were hidden for centuries after his death in 1727. His inventions, discoveries, and writings display his dedicated and lifelong search for truth.

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