Jean Sibelius

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Jean Sibelius

Born: Friday, 08 December 1865
Died: Friday, 20 September 1957

Jean Sibelius was a founding father of Finland, composer, and Freemason whose music continues to inspire humanity towards perfection.

Jean Sibelius, one of Finland’s founding fathers and proclaimed greatest composer, was born in 1865. During his childhood, Finland was occupied by Russia: a situation which many Finns rebelled against but lacked the will to overthrow. Sibelius responded by pouring his heart and soul into creativity, rather than feats of arms or strength. His compositions and music spoke to the souls of the Finnish people and helped give them a common identity to rally around for their coming push for liberation.

After Finnish independence from Russia in 1917, Sibelius was one of the pioneers who brought Freemasonry back to the country, as it had been banned by Russia for over a century. He was a founder of Suomi Lodge #1 in 1922, and used his remarkable musical talent to write new music for masonic ceremonies. His masonic musical pieces were some of his last and greatest compositions; thus, he poured his talent into the craft, and the craft inspired his talent.

Brother Sibelius' increible musical pieces are still performed today, and his birthday is a national holiday in Finland. Music can express the national or group spirit, bringing it to life when nothing else can. For that reason, Sibelius’s compositions have left a lasting impression on the consciousness of humanity, aiding in its perfection, which is a guiding principle of Freemasonry.

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