Ludwig van Beethoven

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Ludwig van Beethoven

Born: Monday, 17 December 1770
Died: Monday, 26 March 1827

Ludwig Van Beethoven was a famous musician and composer who joined the Order of the Illuminati and disseminated Light into the ears of humanity.

Ludwig Van Beethoven was born into a musical Dutch family in 1770. Music and rhythm were ever present in his childhood, and by age 13, he had published his first composition. This attracted the attention and patronage of Maximilian Frederick, elector of Bonn. It was there in Frederick Maximillian's court that Beethoven encountered the ideas of the enlightenment, and the Masonic and fraternal ideals present in The Order of the Illuminati. It was his Brothers in the Illuminati Lodge that would go on to support and encourage him throughout his vast musical career.

At the age of 22, Beethoven was already bound for Vienna, the culture capital of 18th century Europe. It was there that he met many musical greats of his time, such as Haydn. And it was there he began to compose his famous nine symphonies, which would transform and invigorate the musical scene of Europe. In all things, Brother Beethoven sought to express the glory and beauty of divinity, weaving it into his music. He believed music was the greatest language men had.

Throughout his life, Beethoven was influenced by the fraternal ideal of the Order of the Illuminati, which believed in fighting the abuses of State power, the abuses of religion, and superstition. In trying to awaken and enliven the human soul with his music, Beethoven produced such great works as his Ode to Joy, which is an almost universally known piece of classical music, and his 5th symphony, the opening of which is one of the most recognized chords in the entire world of music. Beethoven's legacy is a rich thread disseminating light into the ears of humanity.

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