Sugar Ray Robinson

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Sugar Ray Robinson

Born: Tuesday, 03 May 1921
Died: Wednesday, 12 April 1989

Sugar Ray Robinson was a boxer, celebrity, and Freemason whose strength and magnanimity in victory reflected his deeply held Masonic values.

Sugar Ray Robinson was one of the most famous boxers in American history. His boxing record of 173 wins, 19 loses and, 6 draws is almost unrivaled in the history of the sport. Born in 1921 in Georgia, Robinson attained professional status early in his career. His strength and magnanimity in victory reflected his deeply held masonic values, as Sugar Ray was a Prince Hall Freemason. Entering boxing in 9th grade, his natural talent quickly became apparent.

There are many episodes in Sugar Ray’s life that evidence his high character. During World War Two he fought many exhibition matches against famous boxers in order to inspire and motivate the troops to fight against the evils of Nazism. In his later career Sugar Ray would fight a big title match against Jimmy Doyle, another famous boxer of the time. He would have a premonition that his opponent would die in the ring, and initially refused to fight. However a priest managed to convince him that such a premonition should be ignored. However it came true in the 6th round. Sugar Ray, being a good mason, proceed to take care of Doyle's family, sending the winning from his next few matches to Doyle's mother to buy a house.

Throughout his life Sugar Ray gave freely to the sacred cause of charity, often donating his entire pool of winnings to a cause such as cancer research. His masonic character and activities were and are a credit to the craft. To this day he is remembered and honored as one of the boxing greats, and a mason of the highest caliber.

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