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Thomas Edison

Born: Thursday, 11 February 1847
Died: Sunday, 18 October 1931

Thomas Edison was an inventor and entrepreneur whose masonic spirit brought forth world-wide illumination in the form of inexpensive electric light.

Thomas Edison was one of the modern era's greatest inventors and businessmen. His prolific inventing literally illuminated the world, bringing inexpensive electric light to millions. And his business acumen created General Electric, one of the largest, most successful companies in the world. It is unknown where and when exactly Edison became a Freemason, however, the influence of the Craft can be seen in Edison’s never ending quest to bring the light of knowledge to humanity.

Edison was born in 1847 in Ohio to a middle class American family. From this humble beginning, great things would come. He began his experimenting at a young age, conducting experiments during his down time as a telegraph worker. By 1874 he had his first successful intention, which he sold for $10,000 (over $220,000 in today’s dollars!) And from there, his career an an inventor took off. Not merely content to invent decivices, Edison went into business, hiring other bright young minds to work for him doing research and developing technologies.

Some of the achievements in human progress that he orchestrated were the popularization of electricity and electric lights and the invention of the phonograph. Overall Edison would file over 1,000 patents before his death in 1931. He left a legacy of technological innovation and progress that is unrivaled to this day, illuminating and improving the condition of the human race.

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