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Legends of the Craft

Episode 18: Freemasonry and Cosplay

On this episode we are joined by Bro. Cat Smith for a fascinating discussion on cosplay and its relationship to Freemasonry. Do costumes allow us to investigate our own psyche in the same way that Masonic ritual and symbols expand our consciousness?

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Legends of the Craft

Legends of the Craft was started in 2009 by Bros. Matias Cumsille and Brian Bunge and reignited in 2018 by Bro. Matias and Bro. Aksel Suvari. The purpose of the podcast is to explore the rich history and symbolism of Freemasonry and relate it to the modern world. Too often we are left to rely on the works of Masons long gone from this world but Freemasonry is a living institution and cannot remain relevant without engaging with the world around us. Legends of the Craft focuses mainly on the legends of Masonic figures throughout history and how their life and times can provide context, inspiration and guidance while we navigate our own lives. Through them we can look into the past and future through Masonic lenses and bring Masonry more directly into our lives. Legends of the Craft also delves into how Masonic principles can inform our perspective of the great problems facing humanity today.

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