James Ingall Wedgwood

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Born: 5/24/1883 12:00:00 AM Died: 3/13/1951 12:00:00 AM

Only when free from the taint of personal selfishness does the student's thought play at a sufficiently high level to open him to the inflow of higher influence.

Just as certain thoughts and emotions will express themselves in characteristic movements and gestures of the body, so, by a reversal of the process, positions of the body may tend to induce states of mind and feeling, and to assist the student in dwelling on them. It is a matter of harmonising the physical body with the higher bodies and with the play upon it of the external forces of Nature.

Each prayer when used by us must be realized and our very lives must be breathed into the words.

Ceremonial is the intelligent use of form, that it might find the best expression of life. Matter is just as important as Spirit. We must spiritualize our view of matter.

Meditation is the art of considering a subject or turning it over in the mind in its various bearings and relationships.

We must turn ourselves entirely towards Christ and we must be filled with all possible love and devotion towards him.

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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

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Freemasonry, as a tradition, is built on the spoken word. It is a mystic tradition that has been passed down from lip to hear across the centuries. It acknowledges the power of language to transform the mind of the individual and even the course of history itself. Throughout history, great changes in civilizations and the rise and fall of empires have depended on a few words, spoken into the right ear at the right time. Freemasonry places great importance on remembering the thoughts of our ancestors. It is from these thoughts that we can learn how to navigate the maze of life and avoid the pitfalls that have entrapped the unfortunate. The Masons below have all contributed to the wisdom of the world and we have selected a small portion of their knowledge to be shared here to inspire, uplift and educate.

"If I have seen further than
others, it is by standing
upon the shoulders of giants."


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