Maria Deraismes

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Born: 8/17/1828 12:00:00 AM Died: 2/6/1894 12:00:00 AM

Elimination of women from universal suffrage necessarily means the prolongation of the warlike spirit.

Armed peace is no less ruinous and demoralizing than war.

The door which you have opened to me will not be closed behind me and a whole legion shall follow me. 

Christianity places most of the responsibility on the woman for the original fault [...] In advancing into the old stories, I discover a fault, a transgression of the eternal law of which the woman would have been guilty ... Eve among the Hebrews, and Pandora, among the Greeks, lose humanity by their fatal curiosity. Among the Celts, the girls of the Giants arise and corrupt the sons of men. The Chinese Glose claims that one must be suspicious of the woman's words without further explanation .

For the rest, never will a social system spring from the brain of a man, however vast he may be; the nature of progress refuses it; the social mode is transformed every day according to the needs of the mind and the successive demands of perfection; no one can determine it or fix it definitively.

A design, for lack of a wide base, cracks on all sides. Saint-Simon started from work, Fourrier from passion, and neither could bring out the morals of their doctrines.Work does not necessarily produce virtue, and passion much less so.

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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

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Freemasonry, as a tradition, is built on the spoken word. It is a mystic tradition that has been passed down from lip to hear across the centuries. It acknowledges the power of language to transform the mind of the individual and even the course of history itself. Throughout history, great changes in civilizations and the rise and fall of empires have depended on a few words, spoken into the right ear at the right time. Freemasonry places great importance on remembering the thoughts of our ancestors. It is from these thoughts that we can learn how to navigate the maze of life and avoid the pitfalls that have entrapped the unfortunate. The Masons below have all contributed to the wisdom of the world and we have selected a small portion of their knowledge to be shared here to inspire, uplift and educate.

"If I have seen further than
others, it is by standing
upon the shoulders of giants."


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