The Art & Architecture of Freemasonry
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The Art & Architecture of Freemasonry

Freemasonry is a rich and complex mystery tradition. Like many such traditions, the mystery and power of it have been translated into innumerable artistic and architectural tributes. Explore the complex and fascinating Art and Architecture of Freemasonry!

The building of the Abbey-Church of Schonau

J and B

The Founding of Freemasonry

Labyrinth of Rheims

Labyrinth of Chartres

Obelisk of Mt. Stuart

Lectern shaped sundials

Another lectern-shaped sundial

A multi-faced dial

A masonic Lodge

Assembly of Freemasons

The reception of an Apprentice

The reception of a Master Mason

Receiving a Master Mason

Receiving a Master Mason

The last stage

The Freemasons ruined

A Theoretical Depitcion

A Theoretical Depiction

Reception of Apprentices from Travenol

Reception of Compagnons from Travenol

Reception of Master-Masons from Travenol

Dinner for Freemasons from Travenol

The Plan of A Lodge

Plan of a Compagnon Lodge

Plan of a Master Mason Lodge

An Expose of Freemasonry

Theoretic Lodge Plans

Plan of The Lodge In The Order of Mopses

A depiction of the Masonic Pillars

Plan of a Temple

Plan of The Temple in Jerusaem

Fransicus Vatablus Temple of Jerusalem

Hafenreffer's Temple of Jerusalem

Villapando's Temple of Jerusalem

The Escurial of Madrid

Detail of The Entrance of King Solomon's Temple

Details of the Inner Court of King Solomon's Temple

View of The Temple in Jerusalem

Plan of The Temple of Jerusalem and It's Princincts

Plan of the Temple in Jerusalem

Another view of The Temple of Jerusalem

Details of The Temple

Exterior details of the Temple of Jerusalem

Plan of the Cathedral at Vienna

Exterior of The Cathedral at Vienna

Side of The Cathedral at Vienna

Interior of The Cathedral at Vienna

Destruction of the Temple of Solomon

Plan of The Temple of Jerusalem

Elevations of The Temple of Jerusalem

The French order of Architecture I

The French order of Architecture II

The French order of Architecture III

Frontpiece of The Constitution of The Freemasons

Summons for The West India and America Lodge

A summons to attend a Lodge, 1760

A Summons to The Lodge of Harmony

Freemason's Hall, Queen Streets, 1775

The Council Chamber - Freemason's Hall

Design For Furnishing Freemason's Hall

The All Seeing Eye

Perspective View of a Forge

Spheres For the Dead

A Freemasonic Instruction

A Plan for a Masonic Cemetery

A Planetarium in a Cemetary

A Masonic Certificate for the Grand Orient of Egypt

Masonic Certificate for The grand Orient of France

Masonic Certificate for The Grand Orient of France II

A Master Mason's Apron

An Image of The great Pyramid

Plan of an Egyptian Temple

Ruins of Thebes

The Ruined Pyramid of Maupertius

Pyramid in the Woods

French Lodge

Mozart's Magic FLute

A Scene From The Magic Flute

A painting of the National Theater in Austria

The Temple in The magic Flute

Concept Art For The Magic Flute

Entrance to The Trials

The opening of The Magic FLute

Cover of a Masonic Songbook

The Trials of Fire and Water

The Temple of The Sun

Greek An Egyptian Temple Interior

Exterior of The Temple of The Sun

A Strange Vault

A Vault Between Two Pyramids

Garden of The Sphinx

Gothic House

The Trial by Fire

Trial by Water

The Trial By Air

The Reception of Initiates

Egyptian Mausoleum

A Diagram of a Cave

The Temple of Silence

The Country House

The House of Pleasure

An Egyptian House

The Temple of Divination

The Temple of Divination

Pluto Underground

Pluto Overground

The Temple of The Earth

Liberty Hall

An Egyptian Room

The Tower of Babel

The building of The Great Abbey of Sainte-Madeleine

The Basilica of Saint-Denis

A Viennese Masonic Lodge

A Lodge in Edinburg

The opening of The Magic Flute

The Palace of Sorastro

Isis in the Jungle

An Interior of The Temple of Isis


The Chamber of The Holy Royal Arch

The Tomb of Rousseau

Temple of Virtue and School of Morals

The Temple of Memory

A Proposal for a Church

The Gardens of Worlitz

Roussea-Insel at Worlitz

Villa Hamilton

Stone Island

Stone Sign at Worlitz

Bridge at Worlitz

The Garden of Monceau

Bois des Tombeaux

Tomb of Antoine Court de Gebelin

Rostral column at Mereville

Tomb of Cook at Mereville

The Pine of Lord Weymouth

Black Marble Tomb

Tomb of the Wife

The Obelisk and Rock-Work at Stillorgan, Dublin

Elysee ou Cimetiere Public

Monument of The Supreme Being

The Cemetery at Dessau

Cemetery at Pere-Lachaise

An Egyptian Mausoleum

Tombs of Napoleon's Army

The Tombs of Bronginart

The Tombs of Moliere and La Fontaine

The Pantheon at The Staglieno

A Egyptian Tomb

The Interior of The Catacombs

The Crypts de Saint-Laurent

Sir John Soane Mausoleum

Monument to J. C. van Speyk

Pyramid in St. Anne's churchyard

Mausoleum of The Counts of Henckel-Donnersmarck

Monument to Robert-Ross

The Fontaine de la Victoire

The Masonic Peace Memorial

Freemason's Hall Boston

Interior of Loyal Lodge no.251

Temple of Le Droit Humain

Masonic Clocks and Watches

Masonic Obelisks

A Temple Entrance

An Altar

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