Below The Cataracts Written And Illustrated By Walter Tyndale
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Below The Cataracts Written And Illustrated By Walter Tyndale

Below The Cataracts Written And Illustrated By Walter Tyndale is an exploration of Egypt by the famed early 20th century Artist Walter Tyndale. Exploring the daily life of the citizens of Egypt at a critical time, Tyndale paints a vivid picture of modern life interacting with ancient ruins and history. 

A Coptic Church Near Abydos

A Court Near El-Azhar

A Courtyard In The Hanafieh Quarter

A Fruit Stall

A Khedivial School

A Lane Near The Gate of Zuweyla

A Redawi Tent

A Sheykhs Tomb At Cairo

A Street Near The Citadel, Cairo

Aahmes, Mother of Hatshepsu, In The Temple At Der El-Bahri

After The Midday Prayer

An Arab Doorway

An Arab School

Capitals In Hypostyle Hall, Karnak

Cemetery Near Rosetta

Court In The Mosque of Ibrahim Aga, Cairo

Courtyard in a Cairene House

Der El-Bahri

Early Morning On The Nile

El-Fouyateah, Cairo

In The Temple Of Ramses III, Medinet Habu

Interior of the blue Mosque, Cairo

Isis Suckling Seti I, Abydos

Khan El-Khalil, Cairo

Khnum, Kepr, Ra, In Tem Tomb Of Seti I, at Thebes

Mosque Of Sakhlun At Rosetta

Near The Tombs Of The Caliphs, Cairo

Nefert Ari, Luxor Temple

On The Mahmoudieh Canal

Ruins Of The Temple Of Mentuhotep Thebes


Senseneb, In The Temple Of Hatshepsu At Der El-Bahri

Seti I, Offering An Image Of Truth To Osiris

Statue Of Ramses II, Luxor Temple

Street off the Suk Ez-Zalat, Cairo

Temple Of Seti I, At Gurna, Thebes

The Colossi At Thebes

The Court Of The Kioque At Dendera

The Guardian of the Hareem

The Mosque At Aboukir

The Ptolemaic Pylon, Medinet Habu

The Sanctuary At Karnak

The Ramesseum At Thebes

The Sanctuary In The Mosque of Sultan Hasan

The Sebil Near The Gate of Zuweyla

The Second Court At Medinet Habu

The Sheykhs House in the Nahassin, Cairo

The Shrine of Sakhlun, Rosetta

The Sphinx And Pyramids Of Gizeh

The Temple Of Nektenebo, Medinet Habu

The Tomb of Ibrahim Aga

The Twin Minarets of El-Muayyad

The Well, On The Road To The Tombs of The Kings

Tomb Mosque Of Arboughan, Cairo

Wall Inscriptions In The Chapel Of Shabako, Karnak

Wall Paintings In The Tomb Of Nacht At Thebes

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