Cairo And Its Environs by A.O. Lamplough
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Cairo And Its Environs by A.O. Lamplough

Cairo And Its Environs by A.O. Lamplough

A Cairo Street Scene

A Corner Of Roda Island

A Court In The Carpet Bazaar

A Desert Track

A Distant View Of The Pyramids

A Distant View of The Tombs of The Khalifs

A Fruit Stall, Bulak

A Nile Afterglow

A Sheik's Tomb In The Desert

A Street Scene, Cairo

A Street Scene, Cairo

A Street Scene, Old Cairo

An Arab Street In Cairo

An Arab Street Scene

Cairo And Citidal From The Nile

Early Morn At Keneh

Early Morning Near The Citadel

Early Morning On The Nile, Near Cairo

Evening At Roda

Evening In The Desert

Evening On The Nile

Evening On The Upper Nile

In The Desert

Near The Kasr-El-Nil Bridge, Cairo

Near The Tombs Of The Mamelukes

On Roda Island

On The Great Nile Reservoir, Assouan

On The Island Of Gezira

On The Ismailia Canal

On The Nile At Luxor

On The Nile Near Sakkara

Philae - Before The Flood

Philae - Present Day

Philae From The South

Sheik's Tomb At Marg

Sheik's Tomb, Matarieh

Sunset On The Banks Of The Nile

Sunset On The Banks Of The Nile

The Citadel From The South

The Colossi Of Memnon At Thebes

The First Cataract, Assouan

The Obelisk At Heliopolis

The Pyramids During The Inundation Of The Nile

The Pyramids From The Arab Cemetery

The Pyramids From The Desert

The Pyramids From The Gezira Road

The Sphinx From The Desert

The Temple At Edfou

View From The Semiramis Hotel, Cairo

Village Scene On Roda Islander

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