Dante's Inferno, Illustrated by Gustav Dore
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Dante's Inferno, Illustrated by Gustav Dore

Dante's Inferno, Illustrated by Gustav Dore

A man in the woods

Man and panther

A lion and Dante

A guide

A journey with a guide

Now was the day departing

Dante and Beatrice

Abandon all hope

The river Styx

The masses

The suffering

Jesus and his court


Spirits of hell

Man and woman



A Dance

Ritual of the guide

Envy and Misery

The First Adulterer

Endless toil

The punishment of wrath

River of misery

Desperate sinners

A plea for redemption




Interview with a heretic

A rest in hell

The infamy of Crete

Why do you suffer?



A man turned tree





A Chimera

A scene of torture

Forever drowning


Buried sinners

Sport of devils

Devils and Dante

A contest of Devils

The taunting of Dante

Hypocrites in hell

The consequences of evil counsel

The torture of serpents


Confining fire

Mahomet in hell

Piero of Medicina

A decapitated spirit

Maim'd shades

Forgers in hell

A scene of suffering


A torture of sound

A torture of pride

The abyss

Sea of torment

A doomed sinner

Menalippus and Tydeus

A family imprisoned

A family tormented

Endless death

Satan himself

Release from Hell

The joy of freedom

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