Dante's Purgatory And Paradise Illustrated by Gustav Dore
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Dante's Purgatory And Paradise Illustrated by Gustav Dore

Dante''s Purgatory And Paradise Illustrated by Gustav Dore

The serpent

That planet

The guide

Angels approach

The Heavenly Steersman

The crags

The petitioners

A struggle


Through every orb


The Giant Eagle

An Archangel


Like Oxen in the Yoke

The half-spider

The blind and poor

Climbing to Purgatory

Destroy the stripling

Who art thou?

Cloudy Smoke

The multitude advances

Leader and Angel


Wailing shades

Shadowy Forms

The Mighty Tree

Rocky Precipice

The burning mass

The ancient wood

A Procession of Elders

Three Nymphs

The Holy Virgin

A vision by the stream

A Giant, a lady, and beasts

The Holy River

The Faces of Heaven

A Thousand Splendors

The Left Bank

A Ring of Angels

The Lady of Lofty Bliss

Christ and His Angels


Circles of Angles

Observing Angels

An Armada of Angels

Song of the Angels

Dante and Beatrice

Armies of Heaven

Scintillating Fires

The Circle of Heaven


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