Eighty Years Progress
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Eighty Years Progress

Published in 1869 as a record of American inventiveness and progress, Eighty Years Progress was published 80 years after the Consitution was ratified, in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War. It's pages contained illustrations of various inventions and conveniences which populated 19th century America. 

On The Mississippi

Money of The American Revolution

The Aborigines

Farming tools in the present time

The Excelsior Mower

Wheeler's Reaper

Landing at Jamestown

The Pasture

Picking Cotton

Gathering the Cane


Clipper Ship

Wall Street

Improvements in travel and Transportation

Cpt. Bunkers Sloop, North RIver

Riverboat Technology

The Mowhawk Vaeely Railroad

Connecticut to Ohio in 1805

The First Passenger Steamboat

The First Propeller

The North River of Clermont

Steamer Adriatic

The Amoskeag Locomotive Works

Silsby's Fire Engine

Caloric Engine

Hand Carding



Piano Factory

Carriage and Carriage Works

Whale Fishery


Rubber Processing


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"If I have seen further than
others, it is by standing
upon the shoulders of giants."


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