The Illustrated History of Freemasonry by Moses W. Redding
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The Illustrated History of Freemasonry by Moses W. Redding

This llustrated history follows Freemasonry from it's beginings to the 19th century, when the book was written. it contains many beautiful illustrations. 

A Roman Prisoner Before A British Chief

A Travelling Band Of Masons

Amsterdam -- Montaleans Tower

An Abraxas Stone

An Ancient Street -- London

An Ancient Vault Under The Temple Site

Ancient Catacombs, Rome

Ancient Chester

Ancient Roman Gateway

Ancient Roman Tower, Cathedral at Ratisbon


Building The Temple

Canterbury Cathedral

Caractacus And His Wife Before The Roman Emperor

Cathedral At Worms

Cathedral Of Cologne

Chichester Cathedral

Conveying The Timber In Floats To Jaffa

Destruction Of The Temple -- The Captivity

Druid Altars

Fortress And City Of Allahabad

Getting Out The Cedar Timber In The Forest Of Lebanon

Hall of The Ceremonies In The Temple Of The Eleusinian Mysteries

Hall of The Great Temple, Karnak

Hypostyle Hall, Karnak

Initiation Scene In The Mysteries

Interior View, St. Sophia



Masonic Temple, Boston

Masonic Temple, Cincinnati, Ohio

Masonic Temple, Denver, Colorado

Mayence -- Mentz

Meydoun Monument - Pyramid of Saccarah

Mosque Of Omar -- Dome Of The Rock

Mounted Gauls


Oberwesel -- Ochesenthrum

Part Of The Alhambra

Relic Of An Old Institution

Remains Of The Temple Of Jupiter Stator

Roman Squadron Off The Coast Of Britain



Scene In The Third Degree In The Mysteries

St. Marks, Venice

St. Pauls

Submanine Mosque

The Clay Grounds

The Four Leaders Of The First Real Crusade

The Great Cathedral, Mexico

The Great Obelisk, Heliopolis

The Great Subteranean Quarry

The Last Of The Druids

The Masonic Temple At Philadelphia

The Mosque St. Sophia

The Old Freemans Tavern, Morristown

The Tomb Of Cyrus

The Tower, London

Tomb Of Hiram, King Of Tyre

Trient, Trent

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