The Light of The World, or, Our Savior in Art
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The Light of The World, or, Our Savior in Art

The Light of The World, or, Our Savior in Art is a compliation of artistic renderings from the New Testament, covering the life of Christ and the key moments whih are important to the Christan religion. 

At The Tomb

Christ Among The Doctors

Christ And His Mother

Christ And The Children

Christ Before Pilate

Christ Blessing Little Children

Christ Blessing The Bread

Christ Defending the Woman

Christ Leaving The Praetorium

Christ Preaching By The Sea

Christ Rescues Peter

Christ Stills The Tempest

Christ The Consoler

Christ The Healer

Christ Walking On The Sea

Christs Entry Into Jerusalem

Christian Martyrs

Come Unto Me

Easter Morning

Elisabeth And Mary

Faith, Hope, and Charity

From Heaven

Give Us Barabbas

Guardian Angel

In The Garden of Gethsemane

Infant Adoration

It Is Finished

Jesus In The Garden Of Gethsemane

John And The Mother

Joseph, Mary and the Child Jesus

Leonardos Christ


Madonna And Child

Madonna Enthroned

Madonna Of The Lily

Madonna Of The Roses

Magdalene Of The Cross


Man Of Sorrows

Mary And The Child Jesus

Mary, The Mother

Mount of Olives

Our Saviour

Peace Be Unto This house

Pontius Pilate, The Judge

Queen Of Heaven

Raising Jairus Daughter

Reading Magdalene


Resurrection Morn

Return From Golgotha

Suffer Little Children

The Adultress

The Angel of Childhood

The Angel Of Heaven

The Angel of Life

The Announcing Angel

The Arrest Of Christ

The Arrival At Bethlehem

The Ascension

The Baptism Of Christ

The Baptism

The Birthplace

The Boy Christ

The Boy Christ On His Way To Jersalem

The Child Jesus

The Comforting Saviour

The Cross Bearer

The Cross

The Crucifixion

The Flight Into Egypt

The Flight Of The Soul

The Foolish Virgins

The Good Shepherd

The Holy Family

The Holy Mother

The Immaculate Conception

The Kiss of Judas

The Last Supper

The Light Of The World

The Lost Sheep

The Mother and the Child Jesus

The Mother at the Cross

The Parable Of The Lily

The Queen Of Heaven

The Rest In Egypt

The Saviour And The Woman

The Saviour of Mankind

The Saviours Herald

The Saviour

The Sermon On The Mount

The Shadow Of Death

The Shepherds

The Three Marys At The Cross

The Three Marys At The Tomb

The Virgin And Angel

The Virgin Weeping Over Christ

The Weeping Magdalene

The Woman of Samaria

Toward A Better World

Waiting At The Cross

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