Masonic Antiquities Of The Orient Unveiled
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Masonic Antiquities Of The Orient Unveiled

Published in 1877, this Masonic book explored the history of King Solomon's Temple and various ancient cities of the Middle East. It Contains many carefully made woodcuts of its subject matter. 

King Solomon's Temple

East Gate of the Temple Enclosure

Solomon, King of Israel

Robinson's Arch

Interior View of Wilson's Arch

A Section of Wall

Private Marks of The Builders

The Great Quarry

Ancient Quarry

Map of The Middle East


A Storm at Tyre

King Hiram's Tomb

An Ancient Coffin

Mt. Lebanon

Cedars of Lebanon

A wanderer


Ancient Musical Instruments



St. John's Church

Islamic Prayer


Ruins of Nineveh

The Gods of Babylon

A Carving From Mosul

East Gate of Damascus


Mt. Hattin

Raynald, Lord of Kerak

Battle of Hattin

War Horses


The Initiation - Last Stage

The Initiation - Second Stage

The Initiation - First Stage

The Knights Hospitlar

Jerusalem, and King Solomon's Temple

King Solomon's Temple

Artifacts of Jerusalem

David Mosque, and Tomb.

A Fountain

A Sprig of Acacia

Near Jericho

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