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The Museum of Antiquity

The Museum of Antiquity was published in 1884 amidst growing Victorian interest in the classical civilizations of Greece, Rome, and Egypt. It's many rich color illustrations paint a picture of what life was like during the reign of those civilizations.

Ancient Art And Literature

Ancient Authors

Ancient Bath-Room (As Discovered)

Ancient Metal Engraving

Ancient Sacrifice (From Wall Paintings of Pompeii)

Ancient Sculpturing of Tantalos

Apollo Charming Nature

Approach To Karnac

Augustus Caesar (Found in Pompeii)

Chamber of a Catacomb (With head of Christ, etc, of the First Century)

Columns of Karnac

Discovered In The Palace

Discovered Tomb With Its Treasures (At Pompeii)

Egyptian Feast

Egyptian Tomb

Frieze From The Arch of Titus

House Of The Tragic Poet -- Sallust

Inside view of Catacombs

Inside View of Pantheon

Julius Caesar (From Ancient Sculpturing)

Jupiter (Or Zeus with his thunderbolt)

Library of Herculaneum

Heroes of the Trojan War

Mill And Bakery At Pompeii

Minerva, Or Pallas Athene (Found in Pompeii)

Numa Pompilius Visiting The Nymph Egeria

Obelisk of Heliopolis

Palace of Sennacherib

Pentateuch, Written 3200 Years Ago

Plan of Catacombs at Rome (Esitmated to be between 800 to 900 miles in leangth)

Plundering Corinth

Ruin of Baalbec

School of The Vestal Virgins

Sishak And His Captives On Sculptured Wall at Karnac

Sphinx of Egypt

Temple of Karnac

The Philae Islands

View of a Hall

Virgil And Horace

Wreath Of Oak

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