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Paradise Lost, Illustrated By Gustav Dore

Gustav Dore is one of the most famous and talented illustrators of all time. His illustrations of Paradise Lost caputre the emotion of Milton's great work, and transport the reader into Milton's work of biblical fiction.

Him the Almighty Power Hurled headlong flaming from the ethereal sky

They heard, and were abashed, and up they sprung.

 So numberless were those bad Angels seen, Hovering on wing, under the cope of Hell.

Their summons called From every band and squared regiment, By place or choice the worthiest

Gordons, and Hydras, and Chimeras dire.

Before the gates there sat on either side a formidable shape.

With head, wings, or feet, pursues his way, And swims. Or sinks, or wades, or creeps, or flies

And many more too long, Embroyos, and idiots, eremites, and friars.

Towards the coast of Earth beneath, Down from the ecliptic, sped with hoped success, Throws his steep flight in many an aery wheel.

Me miserable ! which way shall I fly Infinite wrath, and infinite despair?

Now to the ascent of that steep savage hill Satan hath journey’d on, pensive and slow.

A happy rural seat of various view.

So promised he ; and Uriel to his charge Returned

These to the bower direct In search of whom they sought

Nor more ; but fled Murmuring, and with him fled the shades of night.

Leaning, half raised, with looks of cordial love, Hung over her enamoured

Eastward among those trees, what glorious shape Comes this way moving?

To whom the winged Hierarch replied ; O Adam, one Almighty is, from whom All things proceed

This greeting on thy impious crest receive.

Then Satan first knew pain, And writhed him to and fro.

Now Night her course began.

On the foughten field Michael and his angels, prevalent Encamping, placed ‘r guard their watches round.

Nine days they fell.

Hell at last. Yawning, received them whole.

Wave rolling after wave, where way they found ; If steep, with torrent rapture.

And God said : Let the waters generate Reptile with spawn abundant, living soul ; And let fowl fly above the earth.

And seems a moving land ; and at his gills Draws in, and at his trunk spouts out, a sea.

Meanwhile the tepid caves, and fens, and shores, Their brood as numerous hatch.

And now on earth the seventh Evening arose in Eden

So parted they : the Angel up to heaven From the thick shade, and Adam to his bower

 O Earth, how like to Heaven, if not preferred Most justly.

In with the river sunk and with it rose, Satan

Him, fast sleeping, soon he found In labyrinth of many a round, self-rolled.

Nearer he drew, and many a walk traversed Of stateliest covert, cedar, pine, or palm.

Back to the thicket slunk The guilty serpent.

Nor only tears Rained at their eves, but high winds worse within Began to rise.

They heard, And from his presence hid themselves among The thickest trees

And now expecting Each hour their great adventurer, from the search Of foreign worlds.

Dreadful was the din Of hissing through the hall, thick swarming now With complicated monsters, head and tail.

This said, they both betook them several ways.

The heavenly bands Down from a sky of jasper flighted now In Paradise.

Began to build a vessal of huge bulk.

All dwelling else Flood overwhelmed, and them, with all their pomp, Deep under water rolled.

They beseech That Moses might report to them his will, And terror cease.

Some natural tears they dropt, but wiped them soon.

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