The Pictorial Bible, Volume The Second
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The Pictorial Bible, Volume The Second

Published in 1837, this pictorial Bible featured dozens of beautiful woodcuts, illustrating the many esoteric stories of the Bible. 

Elkanah and Hannah Before Eli - Eckhout

Young Samuel - Reynolds

Samuel and Eli - Ludovico Carracci

Saul Among The Prophets - Hoet

Saul And The Ammonites - Adapted From Le Brun

Plague of Thunder And Rain - Rubens

Jonathan And His Armourbearer - Salvador Rosa

Saul Returning From Battle With The Spoil Of The Amalekites. - Adapted From Le Brun

Samuel and Agag - Ant, Coypel

Samuel Anointing David - Raffaelle

David Slaying Goliath - M. Angelo

Abigail - Adapted From Berghem

Saul And The Witch of En-Dor. Salvator Rosa

David And The Amalekite - Andrea Del Sarto

Elders of Israel Offering David The Kingdom - Bernardo Strgozza

Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives - Cassas

David Dancing Before The Ark - Domenichino

Nathan And David - B. West

The Woman of Tekoah - Drugais

Absalom's Tomb. - From Cassas

Solomon and Bath-Sheba - Phil. de Champaigne

Judgment of Solomon - Rubens

General View of The Great Temple at Edfou

Supposed Form of the Brasen Sea - After Bernard Lamy

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