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Scarlet Book of Free Masonry

The Scarlet Book of Free Masonry is a book chronicling the persecutions and difficulties that Freemasons and members of various secret societies have endured over the centuries. 

A Stone from Egypt

A Victim of the Confessional

After Torture

Burning of the Heretics

Cabalastic Symbols of Uxmal

Catholics burning Bibles at Champlain, N. Y.

Crotona, the Destruction of Pythagoras

De Molai in the Torture Room

Degradation of Henry

Examination of Costa

Examination of Templars

Freemason Rescued from a Well

Into a Dungeon of the Inquisition

Jesuits Plotting the Destruction of Free Masons in Paraguay

King John Degrading Himself

Koustos undergoing Torture

Mourning the Victims of the Inquisition

Procession of the Auto-da-fe, in which John Koustos marched

Pythagoras and friends traveling in Egypt-- Encamped at night

Pythagoras instructing Princes

Ramses II and Thotmes III

Ruins of an Ancient Temple in Mexico in which Masonic Symbols were found

Ruins of Limisso

Ruins of the Ancient Capital

Saint Dominic

Saint Dominic

Sketches in the Land of the Obelisks

Sketches in the Land of the Obelisks

Slander of the Templars

Sprinkling Horses With Holy Water

Spying on the Templars

Tetzel selling Indulgences

The Confessional at Home

The Inquisition

The Kidnapping of Koustos

The Obelisk lowered ready for shipping. Emblems on the foundation stones

The Story of the Obelisk

The Story of the Obelisk

The Temple Mound

The Torture of Templars

Tombs of Templars

Tombs of Templars

Torquemada and the Jews

Torture Of Porter C. Bliss In Paraguay


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