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Thais by Anatole France

This classic novel of love and faith was published in 1890. The plot revolves around an ascetic monk named Paphnutius in the Egyptian desert in the 4th century and a beautiful young woman named Thais who he remembers from his youth. He finds her and converts her to Christianity, but is overcome by lust for her beauty, and as she is saved, he is lost. 

Thais The Harlot

Thais The Pious

Paphnutius Taunted

Young Paphnutius

Paphnutius And The Slave Girls

Paphnutius' Vision

Christianity Persecuted

Paphnutius  And Thais

Female Demons

A Possessed Statue

Thais Stoned

Paphnutius Tempted

Paphnutius On The Brink

Paphnutius  Overcome

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