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Thoughtfroms was published in 1905, and written by C. W. Leadbeater and Annie Besant. In it, Leadbeater and Besant clairvoyantly observed thoughts on the mental plane and drew many color illustrations of what they looked like, in order to present a record of them to the public. 

Meanings of Colors

Vibrations as images

Pure Affection

Selfish Affection

Affection with Intent

Radiant Affection

Peace and Protection

Grasping Animal Affection

Upward Rush of Devotion

The Response to Devotion

The Intention to Know

High Ambition

Selfish Ambition

Explosive Anger

Sustained Anger and Murderous Rage

Watchful and Angry Jealousy

Jealousy and Anger

Sudden Firght

Selfish Greed

Greed for Drink

At a Shipwreck

On the First Night

The Gamblers

At a Street Accident

At a Funeral

On Meeting a Friend

The Appreciation of a Picture

Sympathy and Love for All

An Aspiration to Enfold All

In the Six Directions

An Intellectual Conception of Cosmic Order

The Logos in Man

The Logos Pervading All

The Logos

Devotion to the Highest Ideal

Figure Forty-Eight

Figure Forty Nine

Figure Fifty

Figure Fifty-One

Figure Fifty-Two

Figure Fifty-Three

Figure Fifty-Four




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