Young Folks Story of the Old Testament Illustrated
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Young Folks Story of the Old Testament Illustrated

An illustrated guide to the old Testament from 19th century, filled with beautiful illustrations, and targeted to teenagers and youth. 

Moses And The Tablets Of The Law

The wise men of the Desert

Adam and Eve driven out of Eden

Entering The Ark

The Return of The Dove

Noah’s Sacrifice

Building The Tower of Babel

The Angels’ Visit

Lot Entering Zoar

Hagar And Ishmael Sent Away

Abraham And Isaac

Rebekah Giving Drink To Abraham’s Servant

Rebekah Journeying To Isaac

The Meeting Of Isaac And Rebekah

Isaac Blessing Esau

Jacob’s Dream

Rachel And Jacob At The Well

The Meeting Of Jacob And Esau

Joseph’s Dream

Joseph Sold To The Ishmaelites

Pharoah’s Dream

Joseph Before Pharaoh

The Meeting Of Joseph And Benjamin

Jacob Presented To Pharaoh

Jacob Blessing Joseph’s Children

The Finding of Moses

Moses Brought Before Pharaoh’s Daughter

Moses And the Burning Bush

Sprinkling The Blood

The Passage Of The Red Sea

Moses Striking The Rock

Aaron And Hur Holding Up The Hands of Moses

Moses And The Tables of The Law

General View Of The Tabernacle

The Golden Candlestick & The Ark

The Brazen Serpent

Balaam And The Ass

Moses Ascending Mount Nero

The Burial Of Moses

Israelites Passing Through The Jordan

The Fall of Jericho

Joshua Exhorting The People

Gideon And The Angel

Examining The Fleece

The Sword Of The Lord, And Of Gideon

Death Of Abimelech

Jepthah Welcomed By His Daughter

Samson & Delilah

Samson Slaying The Philistines

Samson Destroying The Temple


Ruth And Naomi

Boaz Showing Kindness To Ruth

Hannah Praying Before The Lord

Samuel Coming To Eli

David Being Anointed By Samuel

David Playing On The Harp Before Saul

David Carrying In His Hand The Giant’s Head

David And Jonathan

Jonathan And David Make a Covenant

David Taking Saul’s Spear And Cruse

David Anointed King

King David Forgiving His Son Absalom

David And Araunah

The Judgment of Solomon

Queen of Sheba

Ships of Solomon

Queen Sheba Visits King Solomon

Elijah Fed By Ravens

Elijah In The Wilderness

Elijah Went Up In A Chariot To Heaven

The Shunammite Woman’s Son Restored

The Little Captive Maid

Jonah In The Storm

Jonah At Nineveh

Refusing The Wine

King Nebuchadnezzar

The Handwriting On The Wall

Daniel And The Lions

Cyrus, King Of Persia

Esther Before The King

Artaxerxes According Liberty To The Israelites

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