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By Evelyn Underhill

Evelyn Underhill (b. 6 Dec. 1875, d. 15 Jun 1941) was an English Anglo-Catholic writer who wrote extensively on Christian mysticism. A pacifist, novelist, and philosopher, she was widely read during the first half of the 20th century. This work, Mysticism, is not a textbook of the subject. She disagrees with William James' The Varieties of Religious Experience with his four-part division of the mystic state (ineffability, noetic quality, transcience, and passivity). She sees Bucke's Cosmic Consciousness as only the gateway to Unitative Living, about halfway there by her view (p. 193).

Underhill maps out her own view of the mystic's journey into five parts: "Awakening of Self," "Purgation of Self," "Illumination," "the Dark Night of the Soul," and "the Unitative life." Underhill is focussed on mysticism in Christianity but she also mentions Sufism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and other belief systems. This has long been considered a crucial work on the subject of Mysticism, and continues to guide seekers a century later.--J.B. Hare

Title Page
Preface to the Twelfth Edition
Preface to the First Edition
Part One The Mystic Fact
Chapter I. The Point of Departure
Chapter II. Mysticism and Vitalism
Chapter III. Mysticism and Psychology
Chapter IV. The Characteristics of Mysticism
Chapter V. Mysticism and Theology
Chapter VI. Mysticism and Symbolism
Chapter VII. Mysticism and Magic
Part Two The Mystic Way
Chapter I. Introductory
Chapter II. The Awakening of the Self
Chapter III. The Purification of the Self
Chapter III. The Illumination of the Self
Chapter V. Voices and Visions
Chapter VI. Introversion. Part I: Recollection and Qui
Chapter VII. Introversion. Part II: Contemplation
Chapter VIII. Ecstasy and Rapture
Chapter IX. The Dark Night of the Soul
Chapter X. The Unitive Life
Appendix: Historical Sketch of Mysticism
Bibliographical Note
Index of Scripture References
Latin Words and Phrases
French Words and Phrases
Index of Pages of the Print Edition


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