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Ancient Egyptian Legends

By M. A. Murray

Eleven tales of mythology concerning the Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. Stories such as The Princess And The Demon, The King's Dream, The Book Of Thoth, The Scorpians Of Isis, The Battles Of Horus, The Name Of Ra and The Regions Of Night And Darkness.

Title Page
Table of Contents
Editorial Note
Chapter I. The Princess and the Demon
Chapter II. The Kings Dream
Chapter III. The Coming of the Great Queen
Chapter IV. The Book of Thoth
Chapter V. Osiris
Chapter VI. The Scorpions of Isis
Chapter VII. The Black Pig
Chapter VIII. The Battles of Horus
Chapter IX. The Beer of Heliopolis
Chapter X. The Name of Ra
Chapter XI. The Regions of Night and Thick Darkness
Index of Names of Gods


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