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Basis of Morality

By Annie Besant

The Theosophical Society is known for producing prolific writers, not least of whom is Annie Besant. A prominent Theosophist, she served as the organizations second President after the death of Helena Blavatsky and carried on a lengthy writing career as one of the Society's foremost authors. She wrote on a wide variety of subjects, from clairvoyance and Indian politics to religion, esotericism and occultism. The Basis of Morality is her work on the moral foundations of religions and the necessity of morality to a well functioning society. The student of Theosophy, Freemasonry or moral philosophy in general will find The Basis of Morality an indispensable work. 

Title Page
Chapter I. Revelation
Chapter II. Intuition
Chapter III. Utility
Chapter IV. Evolution
Chapter V. Mysticism



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