Brother of the Third Degree

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Brother of the Third Degree

By William L. Garver


FIRST published in 1894, Brother Of The Third Degree is a work of esoteric allegorical fiction that was written at the height of the Golden age of Occultism. Following the two epochal works that defined the era, Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Brother Of The Third Degree serves as an inspirational tale of initiation, intrigue, and a mysterious brotherhood that not only closely guards the secrets of occulted wisdom but turns the wheels of history itself. 

Garver paints an intricate picture of the spiritual battle that rages beneath the veneer of geopolitical events — that ancient conflict between the forces of Love and Light and the armies of Hatred and Darkness. Within its pages are contained the loftiest notions of human spiritual development, perpetuated by his so-called “White Brotherhood,” an idealistic incarnation of ancient Freemasonry. While thoroughly embellished with the floral prose common to his era, the image of Freemasonry that Garver creates is as it should be: educational, active, and of the utmost moral fortitude.

What is truly unique in Garver’s depiction of Freemasonry is that it is inclusive of both sexes, which was contradictory to the Freemasonry of his time and remains so in regard to the Freemasonry of the modern age. If the values of Fraternity, Equality and Liberty are to be reintroduced to the world, a truly Universal Brotherhood, founded on principles of honor, virtue, and an opposition to ignorance in all its myriad forms, must once more come into existence. 

This book is released once again to the public that it may rekindle the flames of these higher desires of mankind: universal liberty, unwavering fraternity, unconditional equality, and a steadfast dedication to the search of Truth. We hope you enjoy this book. May it prove to be a meaningful step along your path of self-enlightenment.


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