Brother of the Third Degree

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Brother of the Third Degree

By William L. Garver



SUCH is the ideal of Masonry, and fidelity to all that is holy demands that we give ourselves to it, trusting the power of truth, the reality of love, and the sovereign worth of character. For only as we incarnate that ideal in actual life and activity, does it become real, tangible, and effective. 

God works for man through man and seldom, if at all, in any other way. He asks for our voices to speak His truth, for our hands to do His work here below — sweet voices and clean hands to make liberty and love prevail over injustice and hate. 

Not all of us can be learned or famous, but each of us can be loyal and true of heart, undefiled by evil, undaunted by error, faithful and helpful to our fellow souls. 

Life is a capacity for the highest things. Let us make it a pursuit of the highest — an eager, incessant quest of truth; a noble utility, a lofty honor, a wise freedom, a genuine service — that through us the Spirit of Masonry may grow and be glorified.

—  Brother Joseph Fort Newton,
The Builders



IF this book meets with success credit will be given to all whom credit is due. No societies or individuals mentioned herein are responsible for any statements made.


—  The Author,
Preface to Brother of the Third Degree



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