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Builder Magazine 1915 - 1930

By Joseph F. Newton

The Builder Magazine was published from 1915 through 1930 by the National Masonic Research Society.  Many Masonic Librarians and scholars believe that The Builder Magazine was the best American Masonic magazine ever published.  The fifteen year collection (185 monthly issues) include thousands of excellent articles on Masonic history, philosophy, jurisprudence, poetry, landmarks and symbolism. Those who have read original copies of these publications can attest to the fact that you will find many hours of enjoyable Masonic Education within.   We suggest you start by reading the very first issue and meet their editor Brother Joseph Fort Newton.   We also ask that you share these articles with the Brethren in your Lodge.

Dedicated to the Memory of Bro. George Helmer who laboured long and hard scanning every issue of this great publication!  Brother George passed away on February 18, 2002 at the age of 45. 

January 1915 - Volume I - Number 1
February 1915 - Volume I - Number 2



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