Compassion - The Spirit of Truth

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Compassion - The Spirit of Truth

By Helena Petrovna Blavatsky


Annot. Annotator
Anon. Anonymous
aph. Aphorism
Bk. Book
ch. Chapter
com. Comment, specifically for Light on the Path
Com. Commentator
Cf. Compare
Comp. Compiler
Ed./ed. Editor/edition
. . . Ellipsis
et seq. Et sequens, and on following (pages)
e.g. Exempli gratia, for sake of example
ff. Foliis, (and on following) pages
fn. Footnote
fo. Foreword
frag. Fragment, specifically for The Voice of the Silence
glos. Glossary, mainly for The Voice of the Silence
ibid. Ibidem, in the same place
i.e. Id est, that is
Intr. Introduction
op. cit. Opere citato, in the work cited
p./pp. Page/pages
¶ Paragraph
Pt. Part
Pref. Preface
publ. Published
repr. Reprinted
rl. Rule, specifically for Light on the Path
§ Section
shl. Shloka
Transc. Transcriber
Tr./tr. Translator/translated by
vs. Verse, specifically for the Bhagavad-Gita and The Voice
of the Silence
viz. Videre licet, permitted to see, namely, that is to say
Vol./Vols. Volume/Volumes



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