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Compassion - The Spirit of Truth

By Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Desatirs Devotional Love

“The Desatir is a collection of the writings of the different Persian Prophets, one of whom was Zoroaster. The last was alive in the time of Khusro Parvez, who was contemporary with the Emperor Revaclius and died only nine years before the end of the ancient Persian monarchy. Sir William Jones was the first who drew the attention of European scholars to the Desatir. It is divided into books of the different prophets.1 . . . neither the Dabistan nor the Desatir can, strictly speaking, be included in the number of orthodox Parsee books — the contents of both of these if not the works themselves anteceding by several millenniums the ordinances in the Avesta as we have now good reasons to know . . .

The following selection suggests how similar in tone and intimacy are the old bhakti texts.
Thy heart is never separated from Me for the twinkling of an eye. 
Thy Soul is an angel, and the son of an angel: and so I have given thee a great and exalted angel, named Intelligence. 
Thou are not absent from before Me for one twinkling of an eye. 
I am never out of thy heart; And I am contained in the no thing, but in thy heart, and in a heart like thy heart. And I am nearer unto thee than thou art unto thyself.
Now thou art not satisfied with coming unto Me from time to time, and longest to abide continually nigh unto Me. 
I too am not satisfied with thy absence:
 Although thou art with Me, and I with thee, still thou desirest, and I desire, that thou should’st be still more intimately with Me; 
Resign the Lower World to Tinasp; 3 for the glory of Mezdam is upon him. 

And Tinasp shall have a worthy son, in whose time the Mighty Prophet Hertush 4 shall come. 
And the Book is Enigmatical and Unenigmatical.



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