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Compassion - The Spirit of Truth

By Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Genealogy and Gender of Logos and Its Light

Originally, Logoi were feminine everywhere. 
The Gnostic Sophia, “Wisdom,” who is “the Mother” of the Ogdoad (Aditi, in a certain sense, with her eight sons), is the Holy Ghost and the Creator of all, as in the ancient systems. The “Father” is a far later invention. The earliest manifested Logos was female everywhere — the mother of the seven planetary powers.

Brahma, the first procreating male, is the keynote to all Logoi, divine sons from immaculate mothers, 2 well before they became their father’s sons. 
Ain-Soph is called the “Fiery Soul of the Pelican” in the Book of the Numbers appearing with every Manvantara as Narayana, or Svayambhuva (the Self-Existent), and penetrating into the Mundane Egg, it emerges from it at the end of the divine incubation as Brahma or Prajapati, a progenitor of the future Universe into which he expands. He is Purusha (spirit), but he is also Prakriti (matter). Therefore it is only after separating himself into two halves — Brahma-Vach (the female) and Brahma-Viraj (the male), that the Prajapati becomes the male Brahma.3
Hence all the higher gods of antiquity were all “Sons of the Mother” before they become those of the “Father.” The Logoi, like Jupiter or Zeus, Son of Kronos-Saturn, “Infinite Time” (or Kala), in their origin were represented as malefemale. Zeus is said to be the “beautiful Virgin,” and Venus 4 is made bearded. Apollo is originally bisexual, so is Brahma-Vach in Manu and the Puranas. Osiris is interchangeable with Isis, and Horus is of both sexes. Finally, St. John’s vision in Revelation, that of the Logos, who is now connected with Jesus — is hermaphrodite, for he is described as having female breasts.

The mother, wife, and daughter of Logos were the triple Kuan-shih-yin, before they became known as Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 
The Mother of Mercy and Knowledge is called “the triple” of Kuan-Shih-Yin because in her correlations, metaphysical and cosmical, she is the “Mother, the Wife and the Daughter” of the Logos, 1 just as in the later theological translations she became “the Father, Son and (the female) Holy Ghost” — the Shakti or Energy — the Essence of the three.

Fohat is the mother and daughter of Logos. 
Thus in the Esotericism of the Vedantins, Daiviprakriti [Fohat], the Light manifested through Ishvara, the Logos, is at one and the same time the Mother and also the Daughter of the Logos or Verbum of Parabrahman; while in that of the trans-Himalayan teachings it is — in the hierarchy of allegorical and metaphysical theogony — “the MOTHER,” or abstract, ideal matter, Mulaprakriti, the Root of Nature; from the metaphysical standpoint, a correlation of Adi-Bhuta, manifested in the Logos, Avalokiteshvara; and from the purely occult and Cosmical, Fohat, the “Son of Sons,” the androgynous energy resulting from this “Light of the Logos,” and which manifests in the plane of the objective Universe as the hidden, as much as the revealed, Electricity — which is LIFE.

Therefore, when Christos manifests in Man, his Light is his daughter rather than his mother. 
When Christos manifests himself in man as his Saviour, it is from the womb, as it were, of this divine light that he is born. So it is only when the Logos is manifested in man that he becomes the child of this light of the Logos — this Maya — but in the course of cosmic manifestation this Daiviprakriti, instead of being the mother of the Logos, should, strictly speaking, be called the daughter of the Logos. To make this clearer, I may point out that this light is symbolised as Gayatri. . . . the light of the [central] sun. . . . This light is further called the Mahachaitanyam of the whole cosmos.4



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