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Compassion - The Spirit of Truth

By Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Intoxicate yourself with the right attitude and ethic

74 One should not be drawn into argumentative [and often cynical] discussions [about That].

75 Because [such disputations tend to] entangle minds in a web of uncertainty and doubt, without enabling them to reach valid conclusions [about That].

76 One should [earnestly study and] ponder upon the scriptures of Bhakti; 1 and heed their precepts. He who abandoneth the ordinances of the Scriptures to follow the dictates of his own desires, attaineth neither perfection nor happiness nor the highest path.
The sacrifice or worship which is directed by Scripture and is performed by those who expect no reward but who are convinced that it is necessary to be done, is of the quality of light, of goodness, of sattva

77 While one is patiently waiting to be released from the clutches of pleasure and pain, gain and loss,4 not even a fraction of a second should be wasted [without making an effort to relieve suffering everywhere]. 5 Abandoning egotism, arrogance, violence, vanity, desire, anger, pride, and possession, with calmness ever present, a man is fitted to be the Supreme Being.

78 One should actively foster and further harmlessness [ahimsa], 7 truthfulness [satya], cleanliness [sauca], compassion [daya], faith [astikya], and other virtues. Honouring the gods, the Brahmans, the teachers, and the wise, purity, rectitude, chastity, and harmlessness are called mortification of the body. Gentle speech which causes no anxiety, which is truthful and friendly, and diligence in the reading of the Scriptures, are said to be austerities of speech.
Serenity of mind, mildness of temper, silence, self-restraint, absolute straightforwardness of conduct, are called mortification of the mind. This threefold mortification or austerity practised with supreme faith and by those who long not for a reward is of the sattva quality.

79 Those who [bolstered by faith and self-discipline] have no more [personal] cares and worries, should remember and worship the Lord at all times [by loving thoughts and deeds towards All] with all their heart. Even if the man of most evil ways worship me with exclusive devotion, he is to be considered as righteous, for he hath judged aright. Such a man soon becometh of a righteous soul and obtaineth perpetual happiness. I swear that he who worships me never perisheth.

80 When thus adored and revered, the Lord [sah] reveals his inmost nature to his devotees so that they can see Him as He truly is.3 In those for whom knowledge of the true Self has dispersed ignorance, the Supreme, as if lighted by the sun, is revealed.

81 [Men and women bound together in one spiritual solidarity of] thought, deed, and devotion to [the infinite Spirit of] Truth is the Greatest Love [a most precious boon, and the most dear to the Lord]. I am the same to all creatures; I know not hatred nor favour; but those who serve me with love dwell in me and I in them.



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