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Compassion - The Spirit of Truth

By Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Let your life become an example to unbelievers

15 [The main] features of Bhakti, according to various authorities [rishis], will be now stated. 
16 Vyasa says that Bhakti may be indicated by the ardour of reverence and respect of That.
17 Garga says that Bhakti may be expressed by listening with affection to talks 3 about the glory, greatness, and so on, of That.
Fixed in unbroken vows they worship, everywhere proclaiming me and bowing down to me. 4 . . . Their very hearts and minds are in me; enlightening one another and constantly speaking of me, they are full of enjoyment and satisfaction.
18 Shandilya says that Bhakti may be perceived by one’s unhindered delight [when basking] in the Universal Self [atman]. 
He whose heart is not attached to objects of sense finds pleasure within himself, and, through devotion, united with the Supreme, enjoys imperishable bliss.
19 Narada says that Bhakti requires dedication of every [thought and] deed to That; and [forewarned of] extreme mental distress if That were to be forgotten even for a moment. 
20 Typical examples of Bhakti [from the Bhagavata-Purana] will now be given.
21 The pure and impassioned love of the cowmaids [gopis] of Vraja [for Krishna, is a well-known illustration of Bhakti].
22 Even in their fervent love [of the gopis for an avataric appearance], the greatness of the object of their Devotion should always be remembered to ward off reproach.
23 Had they not been aware [of Krishna’s greatness], their love could have been debased to that of a paramour.
24 For, in the false Devotion [of profane love] lovers are preoccupied with their own happiness and not with that of their paramour



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